Tara Day – Eclipse under the Lights of Butter Lamps: Dia de Tara – Eclipse à Luz de Lamparinas

Eclipse with Butter Lamps that Light up Our Tara Day Practice

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This last first of July, the Sangha gather at the Odsal Ling very early in the morning for a special practice, as it is usually done during Eclipses. It is a special time, as our practice is multiplied by the Eclipse for the the benefit of all beings.

We all met at 3:00 AM at the Temple’s Shrine after lighting up our butter lamps’ house that shined in its luminous effect, which filled up my heart with joy. I was there and it is so special to be there. Particularly, for me, a special night to practice so specially side by side with my peers.

Under the instructions of our Master, Lama Tsering Everest, who was not physically present since she was traveling, we practice for 4 hours Vajrasattva followed by Red Tara practice.


I certainly encourage all members of the Sangha not to miss another practice during Eclispe. It is a special time indeed. I left with joy.

And the butter lamps at full light are always a special event at the Odsal Ling. I love it, as you can see from the post Always Beautiful, Butter Lamps.

So, don’t miss the next one. This one was also special for it was Tara day and we had a beautiful Tsok.


Sobre Marcelo Thiollier

No caminho, felicidade tem outro nome. On the path, happiness has another name.
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