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It has been a special head start for 2011, an unforgettable January. Indecipherable, such were the blessings of this unforgettable January. People from all Sanghas – and in the case of the Odsal Ling’s Sangha, it included almost the totality of its residents – and also Sanghas from abroad, all of them headed south to attend memorable events at Khadro Ling during this January. The Odsal Ling was almost empty if not for those who offered themselves with all their love and compassion to stay at the Temple for the benefit of theirs peers. About them, see this beautiful Article recently published in the Blogsattva.

At Khadro Ling, for start, we begin with the “Treasures of Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche”, which empowerments were conducted by his son, Jigme Tromge Rinpoche. It was an unprecedented opportunity for all attendees.

Jigme Tromge Rinpoche - Oral Transmission

Almost 500 people packed the Khadro Ling’s Shrine for the event. The Blogsattva posted a special Article on the Treasures that can be seen in this Link.

Following this magnificent start, the Khadro Ling split up into four separate retreats, each of which touching in itself, one by one so specially, so generously, where words that may attempt to describe them are caught deep rooted within our hearts, inexplicably, as speaking about something that touches us so profoundly is at minimum extremely difficult to express it. But I will try it anyway…

The “Powa and Amitaba Retreat – Death and Dying”, presided by our Vajra Master Chagdud Khadro — the retreat I chose to attend and which retreat had for me a very special meaning. I had waited for it for so many years with hope and fears. And last assure: It was worth it to wait for all these years patiently for Khandro-la, as she so kindly is called by many, welcome us with all her kindness, elegance and wisdom.

Chagdud Khadro by Ronai Rocha

Her teachings did throw us often out of our meditation cushions, speechless in each and every teaching session we attended. Listening to her was like letting wisdom permeate the environment in such way that transcends our ordinary understanding of things. We were able to absorb the spoken and the non-spoken words for all seemed to spring out from her mind and somehow penetrate into ours. It was something beyond description, indeed. Specially to me. Of course, as a Powa retreat, I am not allowed to go into the details of the practice herein. But I can convey to the readers two important accomplishments. First, our experience was such that none of those who read these words should allow a similar opportunity pass by if it comes up again. Secondly, the results of the practice were so powerful that the participants created a Powa group, whereby all of the members are immediately notified in case of a death which requires to do Powa, so that the group can simultaneously initiate the practice  for helping the decease. This is a great accomplishment and it has been made possible through the material benefits of the Internet and the will power transmitted to us so generously by Chagdud Khadro.

Marta Rocha assisted us (Marta, pity, I found no pictures of you…). She was so helpful and kind, always there to answer questions and coordinate the program.

Maíra Rocha

This retreat further had the marvelous help for those non-English speakers who attended the practice.  Perfect and impeccable, helpful and compassionate, there was our Maíra Rocha any time from dawn to dusk , so kind to all of us, making the language barrier simply dissolve in the space for those who did not master the English language so well. Incredible!

The second retreat was the “Ngondro Retreat”, with our dearest Lama Sherab Drolma and Patricia Zebrauskas.

Patricia Zebrauskas

With all whom I spoke of, I heard only commendation and happiness in each and everyone’s comments and expression. After all there were the kindness of the teachers to push gently but yet hard the participants and teach them with love and compassion in such an incredible and necessary practice — the Ngondro.

The third retreat was the “Shamata of the Tromge Lineage”, which retreat was coordinated by our Lama Sherab Drolma (again…), a tireless Lama who conducted two retreats simultaneously.

Lama Sherab Drolma

I wish I could have attended this retreat as well. But I am looking forward for the next one, you can all bet on it! The group had almost four full weeks of pure meditation in the Tromge Lineage. Just splendorous…

The fourth retreat was a special retreat: “The Practice of Rigdzin Dupa” under the supervision and coordination of our lovely Sibele Correa — Sibi. Those who do not know her should certainly meet her.

Sibele Correa with Chagdud Rinpoche

She is a tireless and kindest person, an English and Tibetan translator of no comparison. And the practice! I don’t stop listening till today the beginning of the drums of the session at dawn to tang at 4:00 in the morning in rhythm with the bells following their beeps. The participants of the Rigdzin Dupa retreat were unknown of how beautiful it was for us, at the Powa retreat, during our meditation practice at about the same time of the morning, of how helpful they were to us. That sound was inspiring. I myself quite often had the impetus to grab my traveling drum and my bell and run to them to practice in such atmosphere. How amazing it was indeed…

And so there went by this fabulous January at Khadro Ling, which time passed through as quickly as a shooting star crossing the clear blue sky, and so intense and marvelous this time went by. And soon I suddenly found myself back home — while the six weeks Vajrasattva retreat called upon by our dearest Lama Tsering was in progress, for the benefit of all beings, – contemplating and facing the dancing of our silent flags under the calm breeze over the Odsal Ling.



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    saudades de uma grande sócia e amiga…Patricia Zebrauskas!

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