Tashi Delek, a special post

A special B-Day to the Master: Chagdud Khadro

We are entering the new Tibetan Year in 2011, the Year of the Female Iron Hare (lcags-mo yos-lo, 2138), generally considered one of the most fortunate of all possible years.

And in commemoration of this new Year, I thought I should try to leave to our readers a post, which I consider to be inspiring and very special. A post that demonstrates the love, respect and dedication of the students for their master. After all, the Guru Yoga is one of the pillars of the Tibetan Buddhism. (1)

And I believe that the story that follows shows, “de facto”, all the devotion towards the Master.

Well, I have thoroughly spoken in my last posts about the preciousJanuary beginning at Khadro Ling, at Três Coroas, in our most Southern State, Rio Grande do Sul, for which I have so much admiration for its natural beauties and its people.

However, I believe in my stories, the best is yet to come and nothing better than talk about it in this Tashi Delek, for the Powa retreat occurred exactly during the B-day of Chagdud Khadro, our Khandro-la.

Of course that knowing of Chagdud Khadro’s birthday we, members of he Powa retreat, planned a fund raising to give her a beautiful B-day present. Only that we did not count on the leaking of the surprise. Can one imagine! And as soon as she found out of what was going on “behind her back”, with all her generosity she announced on the afternoon puja that she would like that all and any amounts raised to give her a present should be sent to one of our Vajra brother in Nova Friburgo, Rio de Janeiro, which was suffering harshly with the floods and mud slides which torn apart that State and killed so many lives.

And of course we raised even more money to send to the helpless, as we knew that in the hands of a Buddhist practitioner, we were certain that the funds would not end up in wrong hands as unfortunately we see in situations like that all over the world

We were then left to improvise. How to pay homage to our Master, who received hundreds of people at Khadro Ling with so much love in her heart? Well, then came the idea to come up with a presentation of several shows, theatricals and musicals, which we knew, from inside information, were activities that our

The logistics to so quickly come up with our surprise forced us, the Powa participants, to shorten our breaks, lunches and dinners, so that we could find the time to come up with the script, pick the score, texts and put in motion our surprise present to our Master.

And so henceforth I now show to our readers what surprise we did come up with for our Master Chagdud Khadro.

In the main Portuguese post, the reader will find our surprise with subtitles in English and content self explanatory. So, please refer back to this link.

A pedido de Khandro-la tivemos que fazer uma nova improvisação, já que ela nos pediu um “bis”, que, obviamente, não havíamos ensaiado. Aí toda a improvisação brasileira se fez presente, sem ensaios ou preparações. E executamos mais duas canções, que seguem:

At the request of Khandro-la we had to improvise again, for Khandro-la asked us to perform other pieces which of course we had not rehearsed. Then it had to come up all the typical Brazilian “improvisation”, where nothing had been prepared and we played two additional songs for our guest.

Note (1) As said by His Holiness, the late Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, …”Devotion is the heart of the Guru Yoga practice, in fact it is the very practice itself” (in, “Guru Yoga” According to the Preliminary Practice of Longchen Nyingstik, an Oral teaching  by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Snow Lion Publication, 1999, page 47, Edited by Rigpa).


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