We have received this touching and beautiful contribution from one of our readers of her experience during the teachings of Mahamudra by Phackchok Rinpoche, at Khadro Ling during five consecutive days.

After all we were all fortunate enough to have received these Mahamudra teachings in such unique and awesome way from a unique and awesome master, Phackchok Rinpoche. Yes, indeed, it was awesome “baby”!

Phackchok Rinpoche in Non-Dual Appearance from a soccer view point

Mahamudra at KhadroLing: Gatherings that change us all

by Fernanda Valadares

Then suddenly there we were in such a big room.

A ballroom with incredible walls!!!

So simple!

I stood there and noticed: About 150 people quietly sitting on the floor, in line and aware of.

People from coming from all places: America, Chile, Uruguay and from all over our own Brazil: From states such as Pará, Bahia, Minas, Rio, São Paulo, Paraná and further downwards. Well, in such instance where each of them happened to come from was at that time irrelevant. After all we were all sitting there in a genuine Tibetan Temple with Phakchok Rinpoche with his 28 (thousand) years unwinding all foolishness we have been accumulating all along in our lives. He was there bringing freshness to our minds and refuge to our lineage.

One blink of an eye and there was another question: Why am I here? This is the type of question one asks of oneself when things are not going so well. But what about when they are?  When the gathering is precious. I mean, precious in the sense of holding the power to steering a ship whose course was Alaska! And the question then is why are they all not here?

In fact, we are all extremely fortunate to have been in that room. But we are furthermore fortunate for not being there but have heard of those who have been there. Those fortunate enough to have been there in another time or yet who have aspired to some day be there somehow. And further last but not least for those fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to meet someone who was there in that room.

May the ships we all are find their course [at sea]!

Note from the Editor: This is a free translation made by Marcelo Thiollier, one of the team members of the Blogsattva. This translation to the English language is for the benefit of all. However, the responsibility of any error contained herein is of the translator alone.


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