Christmas, Natal, Natale, Natalis: a Bodhisattva is born

This evening the world population of millions of people will celebrate the birth of Jesus.

It is Christmas, Natal, Natale, Natalis, the latter coming from the Latin verb ‘nascor, nascéris, natus sum, nasci’, which means born or to be placed in the world.

In the great majority among our families there will be a feast celebration or an especial lunch tomorrow, said to be the birth of Jesus. In fact, around the world this commemoration will take place. This celebration comes from the 5th Century, in the Eastern Church, and from the 14th Century, in the Western Church.

Jesus over water

I will be present to these celebrations with my family and friends, all followers of Jesus, some of them more faithfully, some less, but I will be there thinking and contemplating about this man is an example of the practice of the first and core teachings of the Buddha Shakiamuni: ‘practice virtue thoroughly, make no non virtue whatsoever’. Jesus made this for the benefit of many beings, practicing kindness, loving his peers, followers and enemies and leaving behind a legacy, which resulted in most important of the religious traditions of the West in all forms and lineages.

For me, Jesus was one of the great Bodhisattvas of our era to the point of offering himself to death on behalf of his beliefs and his teachings. So many were the accomplishments, history tells us, specially the religious history, of this great Bodhisattva. He is the spiritual master for millions of people around the world, who follow his teachings of kindness, love and solidarity towards other beings.

Thus, I would like to share in this Blog my enormous respect and love for Jesus and to set to the record my profound rejoice for the fact that he has lived among us and has become, as he continues to be, an example to so many people in these 2010 years of his birth, of the practice of kindness and virtue, compassion and solidarity to people.

And here it is important to mention what his Holiness, the Dalai Lama has said about Jesus: “He is a great master, a great master”.

As a Buddhist I join myself in happiness in this celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ and therefore wish to all

“Natale Hilare”, Merry Christmas (!)


A lotus flower


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