Seeds of Dharma: The Power of Praying

One of the things that mostly called my attention in Chagdud Rinpoche was the simple form of, though not lacking any deepness in, his teachings

Everything he said was so simple to understand that it was very difficult to figure it out how such simplicity had such a broad complexity to the point that nothing in these teachings was lacking.

How did he do such thing? I don’t know. What I do know is that his books have the same quality.

In these last years, I have read many Dharma books but between one book and another I always find myself reading again and again Rinpoche’s books. I have lost count of how many times I read and reread excerpts of the book Gates.

The first time I read Gates to Buddhist Practice I felt that I had finally found a book capable of explaining and answering a tremendous amount of my questions and issues towards life.

I recall at that time that I was going on through a very difficult moment in my life and, as I went on reading Rinpoche’s wise words, those words calmed me down and healed my pain and anxiety, making me slowly able to see things with other eyes.

It was as if a child playing with his or her little friends falls down and gets hurt and without even thinking twice runs to the arms and safety of mom, knowing that there he or she will find love, care and protection. Every time I false step in my life I reach to the pages of Gates, knowing that in there I will find the warm hug of Rinpoche always ready to shelter me with his advise and help me to smile and play again.

For me the book Gates is like an abundant barn full of seeds, which from time to time sprout and flourish in my mind-heart.

Because of such special relationship I have with this great book of my master, I have decided that from time to time I will post some of its excerpts with the intention that Rinpoche’s wisdom seeds may spread out and bear many fruits and blessings to all the readers of this blog.

Reading Marcelo’s last post and all the comments made about it by our dearest readers and friends of the Sangha, I felt inspired to share with you one of the excerpts I mostly like in the Gates book:

“To understand how prayer works, consider the sun, which shines everywhere without hesitation or hindrance. Like Buddha, it continuously radiates all its power, warmth, and light without differentiation. When the earth turns, it appears to us that the sun no longer shines. But has nothing to do with the sun; it´s due to our position on the shadow side of the earth.

If we inhabit a deep, dark mine shaft, it´s not the sun´s fault that we feel cold. Or if we live on the earth´s surface but keep our eyes closed, it´s not the sun´s fault that we don´t see light. The sun´s blessings are all-pervasive, whether we are open to them or not.

Through prayer, we come out of the mine shaft, open our eyes, become receptive to enlightened presence, the omnipresent love and compassion that exist for all beings.

Even if we aren´t familiar with the idea of praying to a deity, most of us feel the presence of some higher principle or truth – some source of wisdom, compassion, and power with the ability to benefit. Praying to that higher principle will without doubt be fruitful.

However, it is very important not to be small-minded in prayer. You might want to pray for a new car, but how do you know if a new car is what you need? It´s better simply to pray for what´s best, realizing that you may not know what that is.

We pray for what´s best not only for ourselves, but for all beings.” (Chagdud Rinpoche – Gates to Buddhist Practice)


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  1. Just beautiful, just beautiful. A post that brings Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche right here to us and the idea of having continuous quotes of Gates in the the Blogsattva will enhance even further the purpose of the Blog. Thanks for the work, thanks for sharing with all of us, Pri.

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